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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Final Fantasy 14 – A Review of the new most played MMO in the world

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A review of Final Fantasy 14 after 6000 hours with it, focusing on where it went right, where it still might be going wrong, and what sets it apart from other games in the genre.

Introduction 0:00
Part 1 – The early game 12:50
Part 2 – The story 35:45
Part 3 – The ARR problem 54:43
Part 4 – The end game 1:17:35
Part 4b – Raiding 1:37:39
Part 5 – A home you can return to 1:48:38

I Spent 1000+ Hours on the Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial.

[This video contains minor spoilers for A Realm Reborn & Heavensward]

This project really got away on me. To be 100% honest, it took me so long to finish that I sort of lost passion part way through after considering the rewrites, weird shifts in tone and what seemed at the time to be a pretty cataclysmic audio error that occurred right near the end.

Any comments and criticisms you have is dearly appreciated, as I want to take this content creation thing seriously, and I am still developing my workflow and style. Seriously, if this video has made you hate me as a person, let me know, or leave the thumbs down, anything helps.

I’ve always wanted to make a longform video essay on an MMO, and I never expected it would be on Final Fantasy 14, especially considering how long it took to convince me to play the game after my initial impressions of 1.0.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I do actually like Final Fantasy 14, and there is probably a decent chance I will give it another shot during Endwalker. I just don’t have the time to commit to an MMO right now, so the permanent trial thing works best for me as I don’t have to think about the subscription fee. Not really FF14’s fault so much as the genre as a whole. I’ve always been very reluctant to pay extended fees on any game, and I haven’t bought a Triple AAA full price game since the Witcher 3, and I still haven’t made it past the introduction of Gwent on that game. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, FF14 good game.

– Timestamps –
0:00 The Intro
5:29 Getting Started
6:38 Race Selection
7:55 My Finished Character
8:55 Warrior Introduction
12:09 Dungeons
16:10 The Grand Companies
18:44 Crafting & Gathering
22:08 Fashion
26:02 The Casino
33:36 The Story
38:16 The Setting
40:21 Trials/Raids & Soundtrack
41:33 Titan gets his own section.
43:36 Focusing on the Soundtrack
44:49 Relic Weapons
47:54 The Outro and Closing Thoughts

Music Credits:
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Websites and Other Resources Used:

This is a Mini Cactpot Solver, I don’t use it, but I didn’t reference it. It boils down your numbers to the highest chance of a good payout, but it doesn’t always give you perfect solutions.

If you Google “FF14 Fashion Report” you will likely find Kaiyoko’s most recent report for that week or the previous one, make sure to double check. – Here is there Reddit – And there is their Twitter, check them out if you don’t already know about them. They are doing God’s work.

The Carbot Animation I referenced:

Gilbert Gottfried doing Gaius’s Speech:

FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.2 – Buried Memory

Visit the 6.2 special site:

FF14 – 2022 Complete Beginner’s Guide! (Final Fantasy 14)

The most complete ff14 new player guide on the internet! This FF14 Endwalker beginner guide will make sure you know everything you need to know and more! New players start here!

FF14 Leveling Guide:
FF14 New Player Mistakes:

Final Fantasy 14 beginner guide. FFXIV Beginner Guide for new players.

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0:00 FF14 Complete Beginner Guide Intro
0:50 Purchase options
1:05 Free Trial
1:57 Data Centers
3:56 Race
5:47 Fantasia (reroll your appearance)
6:20 Character Creation
7:04 Class / Jobs
7:56 Unlockable Jobs
8:31 DPS – Melee and Ranged
9:15 Healers and Tanks
9:27 Roles, Icon colors, Aggro / Enmity
10:37 Role Responsibility
11:57 Changing Jobs
13:23 Quest Types
13:39 Main Story Quest (MSQ)
14:47 Job Quests
15:32 Blue Quests (Content unlock)
16:58 Side Quests, Repeatable, Red Quests
18:05 Mounts and Flying
19:40 Gear / armor
21:48 Recommended Gear Button
22:29 Gear Set List
23:56 Inventory
24:07 Armory Chest
25:29 Combat and GCD / OGCD
25:55 Proc abilities
25:23 Common Boss Mechanics / Red Eye
27:21 Positionals (rear / flanking)
28:05 Job Guage
28:50 Chocobo Companion
30:09 Chocobo saddlebag
30:27 Fall Damage
31:25 What happens when you die
31:37 Gear Durability
31:48 Repair Gear
32:24 Loot (need / greed / pass)
33:03 Fast Travel
33:43 Aetheryte / Aethernet
35:05 Set Home Point, Visit Another World Server / Register Favored / Free Destination
35:37 Aether Currents (flying) / Aether Cmpass
38:05 Hunting Log
39:54 Fates
40:37 Duty Finder (group finder)
42:35 Map
44:06 Hall of the Novice
44:26 Inn and Innkeeper
44:57 Crystal Bell – barber – Aesthetician
45:29 Glamour Dresser – How to unlock and use
49:57 Group Content – Dungeons, Trials, Alliance Raids
51:31 User Interface (UI) / Hud
54:07 Customize your HUD Layout
55:37 Menu System
56:00 Actions and Traits
56:21 Sprint
56:51 Limit Break
57:09 Teleport / Return
57:59 Currency Menu – Tomestones / Wolf Marks
58:42 Character Menu – Reputation / Player Commendeation
59:53 Armoury Chest / Inventory saddlebag
1:00:41 Companion
1:01:10 Mount Guide / Minion Guide (pets)
1:02:41 PvP Profile
1:02:53 Gold Saucer
1:03:15 Achievements
1:03:37 Collection (aetherial compass)
1:03:49 Key Items (quest items)
1:04:11 Journal (quest log)
1:04:47 Duty Finder recap
1:05:22 Trust Party (NPC Party)
1:05:40 New Game Plus (ng+)
1:05:52 Hall of the Novice
1:06:11 Timers (event timers)
1:06:35 Hunting Log recap
1:07:03 Sightseeing Log
1:07:13 Gathering Log
1:07:23 Orchestrion List
1:07:33 Challenge Log
1:07:56 Aether Currents Menu
1:08:25 Mount Speed menu
1:08:42 Shared Fates
1:09:34 Teleport Travel Menu
1:09:56 Return
1:10:02 Party Member Menu
1:10:16 Add friend to friends list
1:10:38 Party Finder
1:10:52 Signs
1:11:11 Waymarks
1:11:35 Ready Check
1:11:45 Countdown
1:11:57 Emotes
1:12:07 Free Company (guild)
1:12:31 Linkshells
1:13:14 Crossworld Linkshells
1:13:39 System Menu Options Explained
1:13:49 Toxicity not tolerated
1:14:24 Character Configuration
1:15:16 System Configuration
1:16:55 User Macros
1:17:32 Key Binds
1:18:51 PvP